Sunday, November 05, 2017

P-Slip Art

I don't want to give the wrong impression of libraries but there are some days when things are slow. To anyone who has not worked in a library, the stereotypes are WRONG. Having spent a collective 23 years working in them I feel I have some experience in this area. Libraries are not quiet places and the people who work in them often have very rich lives away from the building.

As I was saying, there are times when things are quiet. Being the artsy type I have to create and with an abundance of pens (black fine-line ballpoint are my favorite) and something called a p-slip I create sketches of whatever is on my mind. 

A p-slip is a small sheet of scratch paper about 3 inches by 5 inches usually from cut up used printer paper. It's those little papers you find in a small tray next to the catalog computer with a golf pencil that barely has a point. 

Well, it's those p-slips that I make into my canvas. 

I always have the urge to draw and there are times when it is not possible to bring my sketchbook with me. Like when I am working a public desk. P-slips became the the obvius solution. There is always one in arm's reach and pens are no problem. 

Drawing with pens takes planning to be sure that the areas you want to stay white stay that way. There is no erasing. Also, pens sometimes have a tendency to leak and blob when they have been scratched across a paper for too long. 

The tiny sheets of paper make for a great canvas to record thoughts and images that pop into my head. Later I may use it as a basis for a finished drawing. 

There is also something about a small throwaway paper that removes the "blank sheet" syndrome. If it doesn't work out I simply toss it in the recycle bin. No obligations! No regrets. 

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