Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Back on the Trail

Being a dad and an illustrator and working part-time to support my family (and my illustrating habit) can lead to times when art has to take a backseat. My son has reached a point in his life where he still needs supervision but is finding his own independence.

Summer finale - Father and son trip to Gencon 50! Hitchhiking sasquatch approves!

It won't be long before he's not going to want to hang with dear old dad. Now that the summer has ended it is time to get back to my raison d ĂȘtre. 

The hard part was simply remembering where I had left off. I knew that I had certain projects I was working on but remembering the priority order was troublesome. There are potential portfolio pieces, time sensitive art, and time-intensive projects and I had the order all figured out before summer started. 

This week was about getting back into the groove. 

Thankfully, it only took a week! It's one thing to have a break when you have only one job. But the rest of life kept going and while I was still drawing, it wasn't to the same degree. 

The good thing about all of this is that I now feel more energized. When I have breaks my mind comes back more motivated and while this wasn't a break from everything, it was a chance to recharge. 

New art is on the horizon and I am so excited to meet it!

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